Gadgets from Target for $29.99

Today, I went on a Target shopping spree this weekend for a little while to buy some stuff and found some cool gadgets…

Here are the 3 cool stuff I found:

Laptop Chiller at Target Link

This seems to be a very useful gadget for many laptop users as it cools and also serves as a buffer between your laptop and your lap. I find it very useful since I always order customized laptops from HP and their customized laptops always seemed to run very hot. (You could probably fry some eggs…something close to frying an XBOX)

Here’s some cool links on laptop coolers:

aluminum laptop cooler

cooler master

Antec laptop cooler has a nice alien looking design…

Atari Flashback 2 Link

Atari Flashback is a game console for your TV for Atari fans that only steals $29.99 out of your wallet. It seems that a lot of retro-video game consoles are picking up lately. I do agree that with so much technology out there, sometimes you want something simple, even if the graphics aren’t as up to par. While we are talking about pars and birdies, you can check out the below $29.99 TV console game machine for some golfing pleasures…

I couldn’t find the link at Target’s website but here’s one from walmart.

GolfTee is another cool $29.99 game for your TV. I remember playing this game at golf course bars, pizza parlors, but now you can have it in your living room for under 30 bucks! nice…

It seems that Target also has a life-size version for like $500.

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