DIY – Add Electric Motor to your bike

Courtesy of Vernon Slaney

I’ve seen groups of electric motor bikers the other day along the 17 mile drive in San Francisco, but here’s some cool links on the web about adding an electric motor to your bike:

The idea of attaching a small electric motor to a bicycle has long been one of my ambitions. When cycling home from work, whichever route I took it was always an up-hill journey of varying gradients, and I vowed that one day I would fit a motor to give that little extra help as and when needed. It seems a bit ironic that, now I have retired from work, I have at last got round to doing something about it. However, it does mean that I now have more time to experiment, and enjoy the results.

I’ve seen come cool kits that you can buy too including an interesting kit from china that has a minimum order quantity of 300 for those interested in starting a e-bike business. has many cool links about e-bikes too.

Other links about custom electric power bikes:

Eric Peltzer’s Electric Bicycle via make
Build a custom electric power source for your bicycle

Bike motors

j wynia on electric bikes

Fully assembled E-bikes

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  1. Izl says:

    Which would be the best kit?

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