Cat detection/repellant device – Timer delay circuit for motion detection system

Well here’s a cool little cat detection and repellent device using a sprinkler
controller and some timer delay circuits.  I think there’s a lot of timer delay circuits, especially the 555
being used for a lot of these DIYs, but I think it would be easier to do with BASIC controllers…
OR you can probably just buy a ultrasonic rodent repellent for under 40 bucks.
But that would really take fun out of life if you could buy everything out of your life…

Wow, maybe I can merge my sprinkler system and motion sensing alarm system
to make an alarm system that deters using sprinklers…just an idea.

Well, I got bit by a wild cat before and had to go to the doctor for rabies, where I
didn’t get a shot because I said “F&*@ it” but I guess the cat didn’t have rabies since I am still alive…
(Yes, thank God I am still alive!)

Not too long ago I had seen a floodlight motion detector connected to a sprinkler to discourage deer and other animals from raiding a garden. I had recently installed a sprinkler system, so I purchased a wireless driveway alert system and put the two to work. To allow enough time for the sprinkler valve to open, build pressure, and activate the sprinkler head, he constructed a time-delay unit from an old standby 555 timer. It activates the sprinkler valve with ac power from the control for 10 to 12 seconds — allowing plenty of time to open and apply a good H2O dousing to varmints and wayward mailmen alike

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