Ubuntu 6.10 released!


Well, I guess I am couple days slow, but, yes, Ubuntu version 6.10 released!
I can’t wait to play with it.
What is Ubuntu? It’s the most popular linux OS today, with the idea that linux should be made for human beings.
Kinda cool slogan.
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5 Responses to Ubuntu 6.10 released!

  1. gmace says:

    I did “gksudo update-manager” and upgraded to 6.10 the day it came out…don’t really notice too many changes. It’s a bit more polished though.

  2. Carl says:

    Another one I have added into bookmarks to check out later, the server sounds handy with LAMP..

  3. Carl says:

    “The page cannot be found”

  4. Carl says:

    OOps sorry ignore the last comment

  5. Izl says:

    human beings? as opposed to monkeys?

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