Impressive Robot Puppy

You know how much it costs to grow a real puppy? Yes, you do have to be responsible and make sure to treat your dog right.
Well, if you are a busy person with no time for real puppy, then you can get a robot puppy until you do have enough time.

Lucky the incredible Wonder Pet from Zizzle is a furry version of a dumbed down Sony Aibo, but it should have enough tricks up its paws to keep the tiny ones happy, at least for a while. It is amazing how Zizzle managed to include a speech recognition system into Lucky and still sell it for $60 while making a profit in the process. Lucky is capable of responding to various voice commands and boasts up to 15 different tricks, including shake, beg, sit, tug of war, and even standing on it’s head.

via ubergizmo

3 Responses to Impressive Robot Puppy

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool… i want one… but it is to cute for me… so i guess i will just wait…

  3. Carl says:

    Ahh but is someone around here going to hack one and put a Flash drive where the sun does not shine 🙂

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