Entertainment Fitness – Play tetris with weights!


Here’s a cool workout system while playing tetris! Hmmm… it would be cool if you could make it wireless though…

or maybe a 2 player game with ability for each player to send the other player blocks and maybe it increases the weights…

Who says you can’t get buff playing video games? Here’s a clever Tetris weightlifting project using Phidgets infrared distance sensors and an open source Tetris clone (source and control software included) – Tim writes… “For many people, exercise is simply boring, so they turn to devices that can help them keep their minds off what they’re doing while they exercise. Entertainment fitness uses technology to engage users rather than distract them. Tetris Weightlifting is a prototype entertainment fitness system that allows players to lift weights as the means of control for a modified version of Tetris. User testing with the device suggests great potential for combining casual games with exercise activity. The controls for Tetris weightlifting are relatively simple. Users hold two handle grips while seated. Each grip has a button that can be used to rotate pieces. Pulling a handle moves a piece in the associated direction”

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2 Responses to Entertainment Fitness – Play tetris with weights!

  1. Carl says:

    If you made it wireless and also 2 player, why not make the looser get an electric shock 🙂

  2. Izl says:

    lol at abovee
    Good idea though…makes exercising fun..

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