Alzip – Best zipping and unzipping FREE software

This is the best zipping and unzipping software I’ve found so far. It supports even linux tar tgz files!
Best of all, it’s free!

They even got some free FTP software called AlFTP, which is pretty neat too.

Since I switch back and forth between my Ubuntu linux desktop all the time, Alzip helps a lot when I need to find
certain files in a tar tgz files on my Windows system.

You can also download AlZIP and AlFTP on zedomax here:

Click here to download AlZIP

Click here to download AlFTP

4 Responses to Alzip – Best zipping and unzipping FREE software

  1. gmace says:

    Have you tried IZarc before? I’ve been using that for a few years. 7-Zip is another popular alternative. For FTP I like FileZilla, it’s free and open-source and all, I’ll look at Alftp though.

  2. max says:

    Oh good, we will have to post those too… 🙂

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks for suggesting this tool but I’d appreciate a link to the webpage for the software instead of a link directly to the file download. It’s easy to figure out by hovering over the download link, of course, but still.

    Here it is:

  4. max says:

    oh yeah, good idea!

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