Spamatek – Best FREE Spam Plug-in for MS Outlook 2003

Here’s the best anti-spam plug-in I found for MS Office 2003. A lot of spam software does work good, except you have to pay after 30 days of using it. This one is completely free and adds these little buttons that you can press to mark spam and non-spam emails. Now I spend more time reading my emails instead of getting mad at the spamming companies who have nothing better to do than spam.

After trying like 30 different spam plugins for MS Outlook, this is the best one I’ve found…

Note: Only thing I found was that when you first set it up, make sure to only train the spam software with 100 to 300 emails, otherwise it will quit on you. Oh yeah, you might have to reboot to get it working. But once working, working good.
Get it here or click on the picture

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