Industrial Tools – Proximity Warning Device for heavy Industrial Vehicles

Here’s a cool proximity warning device (US Patent #6853307) for industrial heavy equipments made with CUBLOC CB220 and GHLCD graphic display from Comfile. If you need to a such device for satisfying OSHA requirements, this might be it.

The company’s primary products are high voltage proximity warning devices and line contact warning devices. Proximity warning devices have been used successfully for decades to prevent heavy equipment from coming into contact with high voltage lines. ASE has developed advanced patented technology to provide the most advanced proximity warning devices in the industry.

“When a vehicle strikes a high voltage line, death most often occurs when personnel come into contact with the energized vehicle while in contact with the ground below the vehicle. ASE has also developed a patented lne contact device to warn operators and other personnel that the heavy equipment has come into contact with a high voltage line based on the measurement of the electric field between the equipment and ground. NIOSH has also successfully tested the effectiveness of a line contact device based on the ASE patented product.”

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    wow.. no people may not get run over…

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