Halloween DIY – Be a Zedi, make your own cool Light Sabre


If you are planning to be a Zedi this Halloween, you are going to love this, Michelle shows you how to make a quality Zedi Light Sabre from scratch…if you put some cool lasers, you might be able to upgrade it.

There are 4 parts, kinda long, but worth it if you are going to make one.

Part 1:

[gv data=”iC7mCP1E2sA”][/gv]

Part 2:

[gv data=”djJF_LNLeW8″][/gv]

Part 3:

[gv data=”WiCt_9v2148″][/gv]

Part 4:

[gv data=”S1Y8o8an2e0″][/gv]

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