DIY Circuit – Heart Rate Monitor

UPDATE: The site linked has disappeared but someone in Korea has captured the heart beat schematic I think?

Here’s a cool DIY circuit that you can make.

It’s a heart rate monitor that you can use for your next golf outing or jogging.

One day whilst walking through the town centre in Manchester (probably on the way to Maplin!), I came upon a heartbeat measuring machine – here, you had to place a finger into a “thimble”-like sensor, and hey presto, your hearbeat was measured and shown on a large LED display! Back then, I only had a very vague idea as to how something like that actually worked, but after looking in magazines, and tinkering around, I came up with a small circuit.

4 Responses to DIY Circuit – Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Paul says:

    Hey this looks really cool. Do you have a schematic or wiring diagram for it?


  2. alex says:

    click the image and itll take you to it

  3. Nap says:

    I try building the circuit with the schemetic. Somehow it doesn’t work for me. I don’t get the heart beat reading when putting the finger inside. For oximeter, it require red LED and infra red LED. The heart beat can be calculated by taking the ratio of the lights passing through the finger. However, in this case, there’s only a red LED and I wonder how accurate can it be in calcuating the heart rate.

    Please enlighten me.

  4. Cham says:

    This circuit doesn’t work. Please do more research on the application.


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