Zedomax DIY 115- HOWTO establish serial connection with PCs bluetooth 2.0 with ACODE-300

Okay, today at work I have been getting a lot of calls on how to connect the ACODE-300 serial to bluetooth converter module to a PC or Laptop with bluetooth…

Well since the ACODE-300 is bluetooth 1.1 compliant and bluetooth 2.0 is backward compatible, the ACODE-300 should have no problem in establishing serial connection with a PC.

Why do you need this?

Well let’s say you are using an MCU (Microcontroller) such as AVR, PIC, Make Controller, Basic Stamp, or CUBLOC. If you were to use the ACODE-300 module on the MCU side and if you wanted to write a customized C++ or Visual Basic program on your PC to control the embedded module, you would need to know this.

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