DIY HOWTO – Wireless Color changing light project with PIC

Here’s a cool color changing DIY I found by google-ing…

Wow,” you say, “how can you expect to make something wireless and still have it cost less than fifty dollars?” Well I’m glad you asked. “But I didn’t ask,” you say, “I’m just reading.” Do you want to argue, or would you like to hear about my solution? That’s what I thought. For the job of fairly-reliable wireless communication, I turn to my old friends the TX433 and RX433 modules. These are complementary transmitter/receiver pairs that operate on the seldom-used 433.92 MHz frequency. Another strong plus is that the devices are very small. The transmitter (TX433) is about the size of my thumbnail (though to be fair, I have sexier-than-average thumbnails) and will fit inside a standard 9-pin D-Sub hood. As if that weren’t enough, the transmitter also has very loose power requirements (3 to 12 volts). The receiver is slightly larger and is quite finicky about its power (more on that later). Back in the day you could obtain them through TechAmerica, but now TechAmerica has turned into, and along with RadioShack, their inventory has decreased to the point of phasing out these wonderful little modules. So doing a search on “RX433” revealed to me the only other online supplier of these miracle devices, a company called QKits in Canada. They go for about $6 american each. I also found some on eBay at comparable prices (and they might be more reliable modules).

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