Roobot Video – Pregnant Robot helps med students

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Wow, here’s some robots being put into good use in the medical field.
This $20,000 “Pregnant Robot” — developed to help med students — “simulates the pertinent vital signs and exports of a pregnant woman, including blood, urine and a baby.”

Video overview after the jump. Even the baby simulates vital signs, and can change colors from pink to blue to signify oxygen deficiency. A human controller can initiate different complications, or just sit back as the robot runs through its program of baby ejection

via techeblog

2 Responses to Roobot Video – Pregnant Robot helps med students

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… that is complicated….

  2. Carl says:

    $20k worth every penny. every nurse should use theses as part of the training.

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