mini Linux DIY – Re-partitioning your harddrive for Linux

Okay, today I was trying to re-partition my new HP laptop so I can install Linux without erasing my new Windows Media edition that came with it.  After downloading about a dozen partitioning software that don’t actually let you partition your drives unless you pay them like $50,  I found this GParted GOLive download, which is a Linux CD bootable disk that lets to repartition your harddrive with ease.  Yes, this one is FREE, these are the days I love Linux over Windows… You don’t need any knowledge of Linux, it just runs on Linux, just boot it up, re-partition and bam, you are ready to go without reinstalling Windows…  Well, one thing I had trouble was the video driver for my laptop, just select the mini-Vesa option at the start and you should be fine.  Hmmm, these little boot CDs are neat with Linux, you can put a whole operating system plus a little partitioning software under 30MB, something you can’t do with Windows…

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