Linux DIY Hack – HOW TO – Scan the ‘waves with your TV card

Wow, here’s a cool way to put your old linux box to good use…TV wave hacking!

AMXL shows you how to use a SAA7134 based TV card and Debian to tune in to all sorts of waves you can’t normally get with your TV… Looks like it will work with many of the TV cards out there too… – “If you have a TV capture card in your computer, you probably already have all the hardware you need to listen in on much more than just TV and radio (only software changes are needed). The hardware will also allow you to hear emergency services, taxi and freight radios, UHF citizen band radio, aircraft transmissions, and more. In this article, I show you how you can make your Linux distribution (I used Debian Sarge, but other distros should work too, as long as you have a 2.6.x Linux kernel) and SAA7134 based TV card tune into those frequencies you can’t get at with a normal radio or TV.”

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2 Responses to Linux DIY Hack – HOW TO – Scan the ‘waves with your TV card

  1. ViceVirtue says:

    This doesn’t compile for me, I’m running 2.6.18 – The source code seems kinda dated in a way… it’s *different* in layout to the newer kernels sourcecode.

    What’s more, I can’t find the authors email address anywhere.

    If anyone can resolve either of these two issues, please email me at

  2. user1 says:

    does this work!? i might look in to this.
    how about an update?

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