Cool RC Foamy Flying Wings

Here’s cool DIY plans that you can make some RC Foamy flying wings!
Please send me some samples to Max! 🙂

All the 3D maneuvers are mixed up with conventional aerobatics to make a breathtaking routine…. But unlike other types of flying, a specific plane is needed. To fly 3D, you have to have a plane that’s has lots of pitch and yaw control. Elevators taking up 50%-60% of horizontal stabilizer’s surface is a must. They need to be able to travel to 45 deg in either way. The same is true for the Rudder. Ailerons should also be large, but will require less throw than the rudder and elevator.Hangar 9 makes the CAP 232…. For larger planes, it is a great choice for 3D flight. Our little planes do all the maneuvers shown, and just as well as the big planes. Most people practice the tricks with the little guy, and then when it is mastered, feel comfortable moving up to the BIG plane for airshows.

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool now if you crash you dont have to replace the whole thing…

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