Conference Bike = Bike powered by multiple bikers???

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you know, i’ve seen some bikes before, but this one is great!

Over the weekend, I spotted this conference bike for the first time in my life

by In-N-Out Burgers (my favorite) near Fishermen’s Wharf in SF.

I guess the guy uses it to take people on a bike tour around San Francisco and Golden Gate

Bridge… Next time my friend comes from LA, I gotta take him on this.

Well the only curious thing is that the center axle seems to have some type of gas

tank or maybe it’s brakes… One thing is certain, this bike is awesome!

If you have a big family, you gotta get one of these…

2 Responses to Conference Bike = Bike powered by multiple bikers???

  1. Izl says:

    Maybe somthing to power the lights? (batteries)

    looks fun though

  2. cosybike says:

    The small tank is the fluid reservoir for the Hydraulic Brakes. If you’re ever in Scotland you should come for a shot on mine!

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