DIY Kits – Real Hoverboard

These guys sell hoverboard plans you can do-it-yourself to lift 200lb person 1inch off the ground, even in snow!

(if you work for futurehorizons, plz send me a plan, i wanna build one… 🙂 )

They got some other cool plans…

The hoverboard uses high performance hovercraft technology to lift a 200+lb rider 1 inch above the ground. A 6 horsepower 4-stroke gasoline engine spins a multi bladed propeller to force air under the craft. The plans are easy to follow and a working Hoverboard can usually be built for under $500 including the engine.

This design uses a single vertical shaft lawnmover engine. It can hover and can move forward and turn left and right. Handheld controls are used to steer and change engine speed. It can be built in approximately 24 to 36 hours depending on the builders skill level.

via futurehorizons

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