8 years ago, Google started from this garage


Cool, this is the original garage google started from!

The garage which has been taken to this photograph, the founder of Google most the garage which first is borrowed probably will put out 8 years ago, is. As for place California state in Menlo Park. It is the case that everything starts from here.

This garage was used for the first 5 months. Address of this garage has not been announced.
So, various enterprises most first have started from the garage. For example in 1938, Hewlett Packard starts from capital of 538 dollars with the small garage in Palo Alto, CA. Steve Wozniak of the Apple in 1976 started with the garage of his parents’ home. And Google started from the garage in the same way, with….

It is 1994, Amazon founder started from the Seattle garage….

In addition, Yahoo stated from a trailer house, not a garage… hard at first…

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