Zedomax DIY 112 – Zedomax Hovercraft version 2 – Asteroid!


Okay, yesterday through the instructable, we made a simple hovercraft. Today, we are going to take

it to another level by taking FOUR PC fan coolers and running the FANS at 24VDC instead of the

12V DC rating. I think they are okay up to 30VDC, well, our fans are still running´┐Ż

Here’s Video:


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3 Responses to Zedomax DIY 112 – Zedomax Hovercraft version 2 – Asteroid!

  1. Num says:

    Haha Max, it really looks funny..

    it’s me. Kyusik.

    Num is my nick. Please, Remember

    Have a nice day~! See Ya~

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