Nokia E62 with QWERTY keyboard only $149!

This phone is great! Now I need one…

We wrote about the E62 a little while ago, but in case you’ve forgotten, this is Nokia’s Motorola Q killer. It’s got a bigger screen—2.8 inches—which equates to a slightly bigger handset. It does push email using the Blackberry system, but its EDGE connection feels downright pokey next to the EVDO we see on Verizon’s Q. Another gripe we have is that you have to pull the battery cover off the Nokia to swap out its miniSD card. And good god, there’s no camera! But that 320 by 240 screen, while delivering the same pixel count as the Q, looks much better. And that Symbian 60 OS runs nice and tight, way faster than the Moto Q’s Windows Mobile 5. Oh yes, this phone is only $149 from Cingular now.

via gizmodo

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