DIY – Hoverwing – Build a 120 horsepower hover-plane for $5200

Check these guys out, you can build your own hovering plane thingee for about $5200,
they got DIY kits for building your hovercraft, hoverwing, etc…etc…

They claim it takes about 2500 hours = about 100 days to make one of these by yourself.


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14 Responses to DIY – Hoverwing – Build a 120 horsepower hover-plane for $5200

  1. MadScott says:

    2500 hours = 100 days? 2500 hours/100 days = 25 hours/day. We lowly mortals only get 24 and generally have to sleep and earn a living….

  2. Bill says:

    Wow, it really does sort-of fly.

    Did anyone else wince as this guy flies over some debris while sitting on what looks like a bench with no seat belt or other safety equipment?

  3. max says:

    hehe, yes for people who are never not working…but us mortals would take maybe 200 days working all day…

  4. Matty says:

    This is a ground effect plane. It will only get about 10 foot of altitude before it fails to climb. The Soviets built many large ones as a way of transporting large amounts of troops quickly over water. The larger ones were able to climb to about 250 feet.
    As far as safety equipment, I take it you have never flown in an experimental aircraft before…
    And the reason your math worked out to 25 hours per day is they are talking about man hours. 3 men working 10 hours a day equals 30 hours per day…..

  5. tamer says:

    i wanna know how to designe helicopter ? so can u help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. max says:

    Check out this site:

  7. His Dudeness says:

    LOL i bet you could get a more powerful like crop duster engine and make the wing about one foot longer and you would be able to fly crazy fast and go almost 200 feet. I would love to do that cuz you go go cross country at like 150 mph in a straight line and you would always make great time. You might swallow a few june bugs though. also how come there arent any videos of some stupid guy jumping out of that thing when it is up there. Thats probably the first thing most people would do with it.

  8. jack says:

    many yrs ago Saw I believe it was on a morning show, maybe the “MIKE DOUGLAS” SHOW, I believe it was “Benson built a single seat JET AIR PLANE, ITS WING SPAN WAS I believe 13′ and it could go up to 300 mph

    does anyone know what eve happened to those planes?

  9. neeles says:

    I want to buy this thing
    but i don’t know cause i live in Norway
    i can build it but i need parts
    where can i get it?

  10. neeles says:

    I want to buy this thing
    I can build it if its need, where can i get parts?
    I found the site but they don’t
    send it to outside of United States
    I live in Norway, can anyone tell me where I can find some parts
    or a complete hoverwing?

  11. Jeremy says:

    You can get all the parts from universal hovercraft. Or just the plans, all parts can be sorced it just takes time. I know as i have been building lots of their hovercraft.

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  14. Randy says:

    ok, Im not sure where some of these people get the idea that its a 25 hour day to build something. Obviously they never have built anything before.
    A. very few people construct anything like this alone. Most have friends which account for the extra hours to build and assemble.
    b. Many parts can be purchased reducing the build time.
    While i have not built this craft, I have built 1 scorpian helicopter, 1 Wittman Tailwind, 1 KR-2, 1J4B Gyro and a special aircraft for a South American country.
    So my recommendation is to get the facts, before stating hours vs days.

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