Zedomax DIY – Hoverboard tried…?


Here’s Zedomax Hoverboard based on earlier article DIY

I got too excited about the DIY I had to make one. So I just hacked out my computer 12V fan

and got my leftover over Pizza Hut paper dish and wala!

The only problem I encountered was that the battery was too heavy, so when I tested w/ a

DC power supply instead, I could get it to hover over my desk about 1mm…

So, maybe next time, I will try 2 fans…

[gv data=”3HxfuEYEdXw”][/gv]

5 Responses to Zedomax DIY – Hoverboard tried…?

  1. couch says:

    it is sweet

  2. fasd says:

    sweet, but penis licking too

  3. punk says:

    i tried in an foam with two fans but it didnt hover.
    can it work on cardboard

  4. Izl says:

    great diy if i had a fan :S

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