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This is great, a site that lets you stash videos and photos,
plus it lets you edit video, which is really cool…

Online video storage, editing and management service StashSpace will make a full public launch and media press on Wednesday. Unlike the many services we see focused on short form video, such as Jumpcut (a Yahoo! acquisition) for editing and VideoEgg for online capture, StashSpace lets users work with long movies in the browser. It’s easy to use, has a good pricing structure and targets a clear pain point in a large market. Shutterfly’s $87 million IPO last week was further evidence that easy online multimedia storage for non technical users is a market ready to take flight.

Users upload video of any length through the StashSpace website, then select clips they want to save with a workspace built as an ActiveX plugin. Saved footage can be edited, shared and viewed through the site. It may not be the flashiest company online, but I think StashSpace’s strategy is smart given the direction the consumer video market is going.

via techcrunch

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