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Are you and tired of spammers? As I get about 500 to 700 spams a day, I tried to fight back by sending back a reply email w/ link to zedomax.com… well i don’t know if this will work but…

Today the cool guy told me about how it is completely legal to spam as long as you have a legal identity as a corporation.

He was telling me that even Microsoft was using spam companies to spam their stuff…

Well if we could spam our blog…that would create more traffic, but i wouldnt do that, i think its totally legal but

in the end, its really annoying.

Well on top of my emails, i get about 100 spams about viagra and gay stuff on this blog, YES, this blog gets

way more spams than actual comments!

Well, to fight this spamming would be pointless as it is trying to stop local albertson’s ads on your actual postal mail…

The best way to to stay anonymous and do NOT let anyone know about your email…

But if you wanted to make money spamming, I do suggest you make a spamming company and make sure to have stabel 40-50 servers

that will support your spams.

Hmmm…spam, i am getting hungry…. 🙂

here’s a link to article on how Myspace first started as a spam company

5 Responses to Zedomax Weekend Thoughts – Spam email

  1. Jorge Santos says:


    If you are fed-up with spam, take a look at EmailXT. It’s our new technology to solve email’s current problems, adding new features. We are still at a draft level for a proposal to the IETF, but a prototype application is already available for simple tests.

    Support for dissemination is greatly appreciated.

    I took the opprtunity to use your handy “Suggest a Site” feature for you and your team to take a peek at it. Thanks.


  2. Bill says:

    Everyone seems to forget about the CAN-SPAM act of 2005. Pfft, Congress said they’d fix spam for us, made everyone happy and then went on a multi-month vacation, confident in their victory over spam. Meanwhile, a year later I get at least as much spam as I got lost year. Mmmmm, feel-good legislation.

  3. Carl says:

    This is 1 reason why Max has not replied to my e-mail

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    no i carl i think that it is mainly due to the fact that the 3 of us(me you brian) have given him over 1700 emails… i think that it will take about a month to read them all…

  5. Carl says:

    girrrrrrr2, Ahh yes did not think about that 🙂

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