Yahoo ads on Google

I found this at another blog (won’t say where, to protect identity), you’ve probably seen it if you are a problogger…

Okay, this seems ironic #1 and #3 on Alexa are advertising together? Yes, it seems that there’s clearly a nice connection
between yahoo and google whether this may be controversial or not even worthy of news at all.

The clear thing is that it is legal to put yahoo ads on goole ads and google ads on yahoo. Maybe, without knowing, the two companies have put ads purely at the sub-conscious level. Then again who knows?

Well the point of this, is that there’s a yahoo ad on google, a sign of hapiness…

Buy yahoo or google stocks if you are new to tech stocks, i think they will rise.

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  1. Carl says:

    Well if you can get advertising cheap and it is going to catch the public’s eye even if it involves competition…. Why not !

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