Wine tasting robot from Japan!

Interesting wine testing robot from Japan…

The ability to discern good wine from bad, name the specific brand from a tiny sip and recommend a complementary cheese would seem to be about as human a skill as there is. In Japan, robots are doing it. Researchers at NEC System Technologies and Mie University have designed a robot that can taste an electromechanical sommelier able to identify dozens of different wines, cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. “There are all kinds of robots out there doing many different things,” said Hideo Shimazu, director of the NEC System Technology Research Laboratory and a joint-leader of the robot project. “But we decided to focus on wine because that seemed like a real challenge.” Last month, they unveiled the fruits of their two-year effort a green-and-white prototype with eyes, a head that swivels and a mouth that lights up whenever the robot talks.

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One Response to Wine tasting robot from Japan!

  1. Carl says:

    This bot has made some proper hick-ups when tasting, that is no good for wine !

    Keep the humans.

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