Sentry Robot – what is the world coming to?

Here’s a sentry robot can detect enemies via its infrared sensor, tell the difference between ally and enemy, and can shoot on target w/ 100% accuracy within 2km (1km at night) … this is what use to be in video games… hmmm… looks like samsung made this from the picture…

The South Korean government is expected to buy 1,000 of these robots at the cost of $200,000 apiece and will deploy them along its northern border, coastal regions and military airfileds. However, it’s unclear what would happen if Kim Jong Il were to send in a legion of pilfered remote-controlled domestic robots as a countermeasure — that is, if these robotic sentries would be willing to fire on their own kind.

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow.. now we are just begging for the computer overloards to kill us…lol…

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