Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!

Here’s a video, the robot seems to play good w/ kids… 🙂


robo3 website link

Just in from Chosun news in Korea, robo3 just developed a robot based on Segway structure. The robot can dance, run, and wake you up in the morning. It has 2 axis control to balance itself and can detect surrounding objects and obstacles.

The robot can be remote-controlled or manually driven. The controller being used in the robot is a touch PLC from Comfile Technology, where I work, I didn’t even know you could make something like this…

Yes, it can be customized and programmble via RS232 it says…

Hmmm, maybe I can convince them to send me a sample…

It seems like the company also sells the segway platform for building robots w/ any embedded computers…

I guess you can get one now, the pictures seems to suggest either the robot can drink a beer or maybe it can bring you a beer… (better!)

The segway robot uses ultrasonic sensors, has 28 digital inputs, 26 relay outputs, sound, voice, dancing capabilities.

It weighs 80 kg but the battery on it can last upto 8 hours.

The robot is controlled via a remote controller or in automatic mode. Average operating speed is

around 4km/hr. Hmm…pretty cool…

via chosun

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6 Responses to Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!

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  2. As much as I like the CUTouch, I think it is being used only as the (nice) user interface. Note what looks like many circuit boards on the exploded diagram.

  3. max says:

    oh yeah, that is correct, but it does act as the brain for the robot, not just a user interface…

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  6. Carl says:

    Love the music that goes with it.

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