Micro Mosquito Helicopter

Here’s a cool mosquito helicopter that is better than the one from Radio Shack…

…using the ingenious BladeRunner double-propeller system which relies on a coaxial rotor to make piloting the ‘chopper as easy as stroking a tame chipmunk. A three-channel digital remote controls up & down motion, forward & reverse, turning left & right and even allows the Mosquito to hover.

With two frequencies available, you could feasibly buy a pair of them and have Airwolf style sky battles, though you’d have to rely on the glowing green “eyes” to scare your opponent out of the air.

[gv data=”9IKTfe5TBmY” width=”670″ height=”400″][/gv]

via slashdot

2 Responses to Micro Mosquito Helicopter

  1. Gary says:

    This IS available from Radio Shack!

    It’s made exclusively for Radio Shack.

    There are nock offs available from E-Bay, though, but I saw the Sellers U-Tube video on his auction page; and He’s flying the green eyed original from Radio Shack.
    But what you get in the box is from Alamy or something like that.

  2. NO.. NO..Wait a second do you know how many knocks off there are of this thing, hundreds!! and then some more.. Honestly. I bought mine from E-bay, super stable, awesome. Love it. I payed five dollars for it, plus 29 dollars shipping!

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