DIY – MP3 Player in a Altoids from MIT
Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your MP3 Player that fits in a Altoid can from MIT.

It uses a PIC microcontroller, STA MP3 decoder, DAC, Compact Flash as memory card, and a
USB interface from FDTI, which is kinda good combination of chips I would say

The Minty MP3 player can be built from parts that are sold at Ye Olde Traditional electronics distributor (digikey/mouser/newark). Half of the parts can be sampled for free, for a minimal total cost of $25 for parts, and $25 for a PCB. And the case is soooo Minty!*

[via] mit

Another Altoid MP3 Player from Make

3 Responses to DIY – MP3 Player in a Altoids from MIT

  1. greg says:

    wow this is really cool

  2. Izl says:

    good job MIT

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