$100,000 Bulletproof Toilet

Talking about expensive toilets here. This thing can protect you during bombings,

sorta cool, but I think you have to pay to get in…

What’s next, wifi enabled toilets?

“t can withstand a 15 ton blast as well. While we don’t know of any units in America (yet), Beijing has 8 floating around in their Zhongguancun Plaza. Just wait until the sirens go off and we are all forced to hide in porta-potties.”

via gizmodo

2 Responses to $100,000 Bulletproof Toilet

  1. yarg says:

    There is a toilet that looks very much like this (and is rumored to have cost about as much) in Pittsburgh’s south side.

  2. max says:

    yes, toilets these days,
    they ARE getting more technologically advanced…

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