Zedomax Party Light II- Make a computer controlled Party Lights

Okay, last time I made a computer controlled party light in 90 seconds but I ran into some problems. The party light was an experiment and I needed something that would be more realistic for this labor day weekend.

Something that has isolation to protect against electrical surges and what not that could cause pre-mature device failure and all that jazz.

So I just took the idea and went a little deeper.

Here’s video:

[gv data=”z4i4eNVeXXU”][/gv]

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7 Responses to Zedomax Party Light II- Make a computer controlled Party Lights

  1. Johhny McGyver says:

    nice, i got some shit to do now for labor day~

  2. kenny says:

    awesome I am definitely going to use this for my next party!

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  4. Izl says:

    nice, big improvement

  5. David Husselmann says:

    Very nice, except you might find the relays wear out after a little while. I’ve been building things like this for a while now – check out my software at http://www.discolitez.com – maybe it even works with the hardware you’ve already built. Take care. -David

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  7. max says:

    Hey thanks David, I posted your site now. 🙂

    Make sure to subscribe to our blog by email!

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