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After getting my 8125 smartphone, I tried out plusmo for browsing zedomax blogs,

it was so slow I am just so sick of it…

Actually it hung up my new phone and when my new phone restarted, it would still hang.

The only way I could fix it was by connecting to my phone via ActiveSync and completing deleting plusmo program…

So my advice, dont use plusmo… please ignore plusmo links on our blog until it’s been erased.

Perhaps, it might work for other phones…

but now we are actively seeking out a better mobile blog solution as we speak… 🙂

Update 9/1/2006

This has been fixed by using Mobile Plugin from

Now you can simply log on to from your PDA.

4 Responses to Mobile Blog Plusmo Review

  1. max says:

    But the Plusmo does have good search for the cheapest gas near your zipcode…
    maybe i will look into further more…

  2. Srini says:


    Sorry you had trouble with Plusmo on the 8125 smartphone. We have several users on that specific device. I want to make sure they don’ t run into this issue. Could you help us by letting us know the symptoms? The email address is

    We’ve fixed one issue – and will be in the next release (don’t know if its related). With Today screen integration enabled, where you can get today’ snews and pictures streamed to your mobile phone’s front screen. Please disable it if you want to retry Plusmo on the 8125.

    Regarding speed, we’ve added more servers with all the new users. The 8125 is a quad-band EDGE enabled device, and I sync’ed my 24 plusmo channels in 2 minutes in the background. Note that the background sync option enables you to pre-fetch your content. We don’t tun this on be default – because, unless you have an unlimited data plan your bills could run up at $.03 per KB.

    Again, sorry you had trouble.

    Plusmo, Inc.

  3. max says:

    Hi Srini,
    thanks for the lookout,
    I am going to try it again today,
    i just have been crazy busy but yes,
    I have unlimited plan 🙂 so,
    I will email you if the new version works well. 🙂

  4. max says:

    Just an Update,
    Plusmo might works fine,
    i think it’s just my 8125 phone that’s too slow for any app…

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