Chumby Open Source Wi-Fi Touch Screen Device

Wow, check out these chumbies, wifi enabled touch screen. Hmmm. If they came out with a Chumby phone, I’d get one.

“chumby is a small, wifi enabled, touch screen information device. When you take it out of the box and plug it in it is essentially a glorified alarm clock. But when you take a moment and register your particular Chumby at their website, it can become just about anything you like. A number of widgets are available now and can be enabled on Chumby with a click. And Since Chumby is completely open source and has made a HDK and SDK available for developers, expect modifications to come quickly.”

via techcrunch

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2 Responses to Chumby Open Source Wi-Fi Touch Screen Device

  1. Izl says:

    Nice, clock to web browser with a few clicks

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