Digital Compass using CMPS03

Do u need a digital compass for your app? Here we go, let’s put interface a digital compass w/ CUBLOC CB280.
We will use a CUBLOC CB280 module and CMPS03 Digital Compass module from Devantech to create a simple 0 to 360 degree compass.
via Link [html in English]

3 Responses to Digital Compass using CMPS03

  1. syed omar masood says:

    Its cool, I am looking for a 360o compass for my car. Can you add a LCD screen which can show N, NW etc………….

  2. Izl says:

    ^^ what he said, that would be nice

  3. Invoxe VP says:

    I’m looking for the smallest/cheapest digital compass chip available. Trying to get the bulk price (10,000+) below $5. Anyone know of anything that comes close? Dollars are more important than size.

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