Author: Max Lee


Prophix, a Toothbrush with Video Camera!

If you want the world’s most spotless cleaning without a visit to your local dentist, you may want to consider getting Onvi’s new Prophix, a new toothbrush with video camera.  This toothbrush comes with a camera embedded within the toothbrush to help you get all every corner of your tooth spotless clean.   You can easily pair with your smartphone to watch your teeth in real-time while brushing in the morning or even take some photos to track your progress.


ASUS Announces New Zenbo Household Robot!

ASUS has recently announced their new Zenbo Household Robot that will retail for $599 USD.  The ASUS Zenbo is a standalone robot that can help you get things done, give assistance to the elderly, help your kids read books/play games, control all of your home automation gadgets, and even can be a great security guard when you are not home.  This is an exciting robot that’s really going to change many of our lives and the price seems right for what it can do.