Zedomax DIY123 – HOW TO make a Christmas LED wreath! – Howto

Parts List

or you can get a Make POV kit and just put some high output LEDs on it.

We noticed Alan’s LED store had much cheaper price for same high output LEDs we’d usually get at Jameco.

  • 1 Plastic Case from Poker cards
  • 1 Ryobi rechargeable fan from Home Depot
  • 8 100 to 330 Ohm resistors (We used 100 Ohms for high output LEDs)
  • 1 Terminal Pin thingee (for connecting PCB board together)
  • 1 9V or 12V battery (we noticed 12V battery for cameras are smaller and lighter)


First, we try to fit the protoboard, the plastic case, and the 9V battery onto the fan.

Then we cut up the protoboard into some pieces and soldered it together like shown here:

Next, we soldered up all the LEDs, making sure the shorter side is inserted onto label GND, which is ground of course.

Next, solder up the rest of the parts of the CB220 Proto-board…

Solder on the 8 resistors onto the I/O pins. The other end of the resistor will goto each of the LEDs. You can also solder on a 9V battery connector. (get it from Alan’s store too)

Download the program and power up the module: (The program source is at the end of the HOWTO) You should end up with a nice little package like this:

Next cut off pieces of the plastic case so the proto-board will fit and
balance your proto-board, plastic case, and the battery together on your finger like this: Make sure to mark the spot with a marker

Next you can align the spot with the center of the fan and drill 3 holes to hold the plastic case. Make sure to high five your partner if you made it to this point! Max is high fiving Garrett here:

Next, power on the module combo and start enjoying some Merry Leddy Christmas!

Get Source Code here

See Finished Pictures here

All the pictures are as we made them, if you have any questions or comments, please post them
on this article or send them to: max@zedomax.com or garrett@zedomax.com

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