Zedomax DIY – How to Make a Simple Green Laser Projector!

Zedomax DIY - How to Make a Simple Green Laser Projector!


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Since I have been playing with green lasers for about a year, I never saw any good use for them except to point them to the sky or buildings.

Since the green laser has a lot of power, especially the one DragonLasers sent me recently, I decided it was time to make a simple green laser projector without me spending days to build one.

This simpler green laser projector was made so I could use it for my next party and I always wanted to make this. Although this laser projector only does one animation, 2 whirpools, I planned to improve upon after making this very basic version.

For complete DIY HOWTO, click here

When the motor is stopped, it also displays a bunch of green laser stars like this:


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