Top 10 Fun Ways on HOWTO Recycle Boxes!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle should be a modern day mantra for all of us.  This is one issue which effects us globally and transcends geographical and economical barriers. While we are not going to lecture you on the importance of recycling, (you already know that) we thought it would be a good idea to give you ideas which make recycling fun. All the DIYs posted are brilliant, fun and something which the whole family can do to pitch in. So here are some fun ways you can reuse boxes!

Be A Guitar God – How to Make a Box Guitar!

This is something which your kids will love.  All you need is an old shoe box or tissue box, rubber bands, scissors, a paper-towel tube, and a pencil.  Full instructions here.

Be a SpeedDevil – How to Make Box Race Car!

Give your budding  motorists a thrilling ride by using a wooden apple crate and some plastic plates.
What you’ll need:
Apple box for each child (or similar sized box)
Red, yellow, blue, green and orange paint
Colored plastic plates
Paint brush
Tacky glue
Box knife
Colored construction paper in a variety of colors, optional
Metal brads, optional
Instructions here.

Be a Firefighter – How to Make a Fire Truck Box Toy!

Make fire trucks with your kids if you are not afraid of making a mess. Each fire truck takes one cardboard box and four paper plates.
A cardboard box
Four paper plates
Red and black paint
3 paint brushes
Black, white, blue, and orange construction paper
Instructions here.

Be A Serial Cereal Organizer!

Use empty cereal boxes to make colorful and funky handy holders for your children’s study tables. Large boxes work well for books, small ones for supplies.  Check out the instructions here.

Joy Of Gifting- How to Make Recycled Gift Bags!

Show your creative side and also save money in the process. To create a customized gift bag, follow these easy steps:
The Supplies
2 sheets of matching 12”x12” patterned paper (This is a great way to use up out-of-style paper.)
4 large eyelets
Approximately 24 inches of ribbon
An adhesive runner or double-sided tape
A box (Any box will do. You can even use a cereal box! It does not have to be empty, because it will only act as a form for your bag. The finished size and shape of your bag will be determined by the box size and shape.)
Rest of the instructions here.

How to Make a Cardboard Laptop Case!

Make a cheap shock-absorbing reusable, biodegradable beautiful laptop case. All you need is a lot of imagination and some basic supplies. Instructions here.

Jewels In Your Box – How to Make a Jewelry Case!

Keep all your precious jewels or favorite knick knacks in a box securely and satiate the nature conservator inside you,
1. Get ready with a scrap box.
A scrap of powder milk box will do (pict 1). Using scissors, cut the box on the side all along 3/4 part of it. Now it has two parts which will become the lid and the container of the case (pict 2). You can use a ruler to help you draw an outline on the box before the cutting
Rest of the instructions here.

Juice Up Your iPhone – How to Recycle a Juice Box into an iPod Case!

Transform an ordinary juice box into a funky and vibrant iPhone case. Check out the full how-to on Flickr.

No Sugar But Ribbons With My Tea

Turn your tea boxes into cool ribbon dispensers. Each tea box comfortably holds six average sized spools. Instructions here.

Be My Valentine – How to Recycle a Valentine Candy Box into a Vase!

Since Valentine Day was just here chances are that you may be having some candy boxes laying around. So use them to turn a tin box into an unique and pretty vase. Instructions here.
These are just some ways of using old and discarded stuff.  Remember the Planet needs you to become a more conscientious and responsible global citizen.

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