Top 10 Best Fat To Skinny(Thin) Photoshop Tutorials/HOWTOs!

We all have to face the “Battle of the Bulge” at some given point in our life. The fact that you have Size Zero models plastered all over town doesn’t really boost your confidence either!

However, remember most the those stunning covers are a result of air-brushing loads of air-brushing. So while we mere mortals may not be able to afford the services of a professional photographer, we sure can recreate that illusion at home.

How you may ask?  Well, thats what Photoshop is for. So here are some great tutorials that will make you look as sexy as a Jessica Biel or a Megan Fox.

1. How to do a Photoshop Body Makeover!

Want a behind like J Lo? Or do you think your arms need a little toning like Courtney Cox? Well, then check out the video tutorial below that will make you look skinny in 15 minutes:

2. How to Become Skinnier using PhotoShop CS4

If you have the extended version of CS4 Photoshop and want to just tone down your overall body frame just a tad, then check out this tutorial. I actually tried this at home and I must admit, it was quite easy.

3. Be on a Photoshop Diet

This tutorial is for those users who are not only vain but also on Adobe Photoshop CS3. However it doesn’t matter you are on a different imaging editor as this approach is pretty universal.

Choose a photo of yourself that you have saved into your computer. The photos that work the best for this technique have really plain backgrounds.
Open up Adobe Photoshop, and bring your photo in by clicking on file/open and navigating to the correct photo.
Go to image/image size, and make sure “scale sizes” and “constrain proportions” are unchecked.
Locate the part of the dialogue box marked “document size.” Click on the arrows and choose “percent” as your unit.
Type the number 97 into the box marked “width.” You have now made your image less wide, but just as tall. Someone viewing the photo will usually not notice the flattering distortion.

Details here.

4. Give Me Some Curves – How to Get the Right Curves!

Want an hour-glass figure with just the right curves? If you are too lazy to exercise and live an online existence then this step-by-step guide is your Guru. Check out all the steps here.

5. The Million Dollar Face – Photoshop Face HOWTO

Sometimes a pretty face can also look a tad unflattering and dare we say chubby. Instead of blaming the photographer why dot you take action in your hand? This tutorial is made for photoshop CS4 and teaches you how to slim down a face and even apply some make up on it! Not to be missed for sure. Instructions here.

6. The Revenge Of The Nerds – Thin-to-Fat Photoshop HOWTO

Thought we’ll take a break from all this skinny talk!  If you want to have fun with your ex-girlfriend or just want to fool around then about making her fat? Check out this CS3 tutorial here which turns you from thin to fat.

7. Man Up!

Its just not us girls who are afflicted by the thin rage. If you are a guy and want to slim down digitally then check out the Youtube tutorial . This is one of the rare videos that uses a man as its subject.

8. Paint Me Thin

Not all of us have Photoshop and we here at Zedomax are quite aware about this fact.

Hence Windows users and anyone who can’t afford Photoshop will appreciate the Paint Shop Pro XI tutorial. You can check out the video below.

9. Fab Abs

For this tutorial you already should have a toned down body as PS is good but not a miracle worker!

Check out the video and see how you can enhance your six pack.

10. How to Become a Muscle Man with Photoshop!

This one is for all those guys who want to impress the ladies without doing any hard work. Just use Photoshop to build some muscles.

(extra) 11. How to Become Toned Women  with Photoshop! [FAKING IT]

It’s not only guys who want a six packer. Check out the video tutorial below where you can get an an extremely toned down abdomen in few minutes.

Please note this is all for fun and we are not endorsing any one body type. Also keep exercising!

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