Top 10 Best DIY iPhone Mods/Hacks

Oh iPhone how I love thee!  Its true folks, I can’t imagine life without Apple’s touchscreen wonder. Hence I am always on a quest to make my iPhone experience sweeter. One sure way to get any iPhone fanatic excited?  Well, just tell them about a killer mod that sets them apart from the rest of the kids.

So Steady With Your iPhone – How to Make a DIY iPhone Steadicam!

Relax  commitment phobics.  I am actually talking about a DIY iPhone Steadicam. Check out the details  here which are in Japanese but then who cares as we have Google Translator.

How to Build An iPhone Tripod!

Shoot great pictures and never be a victim of the shaky picture syndrome. Details here.

How to Make A Splash With iPhone Flash!

Use  LED’s, a tact switch and a dock connector to add that extra light for your iPhone camera. The flash mod is powered off the iPhone’s battery via the dock connector. Details here.

Go Macro – How to Take DIY iPhone Macro Photography!

Make a nifty macro lens for your iPhone and indulge in some creative photography.  You just have to use double-sided tape, wrap the  lens from the camera’s eye-piece in it, and use paper clip to fasten it to the iPhone. Via.

How to Make an iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod

Big is always better and why not use the same principle on your camera skills? For the  iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod you would require:
Center Punch
Drill (drill press is best)
Soldering iron
Jar lid (I used a lid from a pickle jar)
Lenses (from scrapped cameras)
3/4″ Suction cup
Rubber O ring that fits around the “mushroom” part of suction cup
White LED
JST Connector (scrapped computer)
Small piece of extra wire
Switch (AM/FM switch from old walkman)
3v battery holder and battery (scrapped computer)
Super glue
Hot glue or silicoN
Details here.

How to Make a DIY iPhone Controlled RC Car!

What do you get when you have the killer combination of Arduino  and the iPhone? Your own very iPhone Controlled RC Car!

DIY iPhone Controlled Mazda RX-8!

Control your car and  open doors, start the engine and even monitor car stats! Details here.

How to Make a Multi-Room Wireless Music iPhone Remote!

A must have for any self-respecting couch potato. Turn Your iPhone Into a Multi-Room Wireless Music Remote. Details here.

How to View your Webcam On Your iPhone!

Play Big Brother and see whats going on on your iPhone. To set up a live feed you would need:
WebcamXP Pro
iPod touch or iPhone
An app called “I-C-Livecams“
Details here.

How to Connect a PS/2 Keyboard to the iPhone!

Hate typing on touchscreen and miss a physical keyboard?  Then worry not as this DIY is perfect for you as it tells you how you can make a PS/2 keyboard to iPhone converter, including all hardware and software instructions.
Do try these DIYs at home but be careful as we don’t want you to end up frying your precious device in the process!

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