Funny Googledoc or is it GoogleDocs?

Today, I was going to goto my GoogleDocs to edit a new Press Release for our new Beer Stock Market system on SiteHoppin. (Btw, I am on break today, so don’t shoot me for not having any gadget or DIY posts)

Here’s a fun experiment you can do for today. Go to Google and type “Googledoc” and you will see bunch of sites showing you how to use Googledoc. I guess the official name is GoogleDocs, but shouldn’t GoogleDocs show up first on Google for GoogleDoc?

Even funnier, I did type AND on my Browser window before even trying to search for GoogleDoc on Google.  Those two domains were like the worst web pages ever, well like a link farm or a spam site really.

Well, my opinion is that Google should at least buy those two domains for helping lazy people like me who don’t want to take 4 steps to finding GoogleDocs.  I mean, I thought they had couple bees in their bank?!?

Well, the final say is up to you but I had to re-type, “GoogleDocs” to find GoogleDocs.  What a day, I just wasted 20 minutes of my time doing that and also telling you about it.

Better yet, we will make this into our own little experiment and see if we can show up on the first page of Google for “GoogleDoc”, that’s some serious traffic we might get.

Cheers and have a great weekend everybody. (well, i did take my weekend today since I’ve worked straight through the weekend for about last 2 months…)

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