Fastest MicroSD Card Review!

For those of using your smartphones such as the Nexus One to use it as a storage device, you might have noticed some “lag” when transferring big files.

This is usually due to the fact that most smartphones ship with Class 2 MicroSD cards.

Class 2 MicroSD cards are rated at minimum of 2MB/s, which is sorta slow if you compared to the regular USB flash, which nears around 30MB/s with USB 2.0 supported flash drives.

Class 4 MicroSD cards are rated at maximum of 4MB/s while Class 6 MicroSD cards are at 6MB/s.

There’s also Class 8 at 8MB/s and Class 10 at 10MB/s.

Still, there’s a lot room for improvements for the foreseeable future but right now, the fastest MicroSD cards you can buy on the market are Class 10 MicroSD card from Kingston.

Kingston - Flash memory card ( microSDHC to SD adapter included ) - 16 GB - Class 10 - microSDHC

Kingston Class 10 MicroSD 16GB – $99.95 on Amazon

This is probably the fastest MicroSD card on the market, if you want to opt for the second best, try these:

Transcend 16 GB microSDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS16GUSDHC6E

Transcend microSDHC Class 6 – See on Amazon for availability

Sandisk 16GB Ultra microSDHC CLASS 4 / MobileMate micro Reader (SDSDQY-016G, Retail Package)
Sandisk MicroSDHC ULTRA series are rated at Class 4 – See on Amazon for availability

Overall, MicroSDHC cards weren’t designed for large file transfers but you do still have the option of getting a Class 10 MicroSD card, it’s worth every dollar if you ask me.

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