DIY MIDI HACK – Monome Controller

Monome Controller 2

Monome Controller 1

Here’s a cool midi Monome Controller DIY that simply looks really awesome! With bunch of parts flying in from everywhere including a handmilled enclosure from ebay, this is a great DIY for anyone interested in building some cool custom MIDI controllers.

immediately started searching for lighted push button switches. Eight weeks later, I had memorized whole sections of electronic parts catalogs, called corporate headquarters to get free samples “for prototyping” (it worked) — everything I could do to find my switch. Unfortunately, on a mass-market, Jameco/Digikey level of availability, I couldn’t find the perfect musical switch. I wanted one that wasn’t too clicky, too far to push down, too small, too big, or even worse, $4.50 a piece.

via createdigitalmusic

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