DIY – How to Make a Hydroponics Unit for Growing Weed!

DIY - How to Make a Hydroponics Unit for Growing Weed!

Don’t mind the post title as this DIY shows you how to make hydroponics unit for growing anything.

Aside from people with medical marijuana licenses who live in San Francisco and can legally grow several pot plants, the hydroponic system can be used for growing your own organic vegetables and what not.

My wife teaches 8th grade science. This project “The Hydroshack” is a rendition of one I built over 20 years ago in my college teaching methods class. It is designed specifically for performing experiments in a science class. It therefore incorporates some modifications for flexibility and control purposes. It also needs to be collapsible for storage in tight quarters. If you are considering building something similar for your home, it can be less complex.

via instructables

Of course, if you don’t want to build one yourself, here’s some resources too: sells bunch of nutrients and other hardware needed for home-growing.

All about Hydroponics at Wikipedia. sells bunch of stuff for home-growing too.

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