DIY HACK – How to rewiring an existing phone system to be used as an Ethernet network!

DIY - Convert Home Network Phone Lines into Gigabit Network

Here’s a cool DIY on how to convert your home phone lines into an ethernet network. I’ve tried this before with some success but here’s a great how to you can follow.

Coarch says,

This is a guide to hacking the wiring of your home. Changing it from a phone line based system to a flexible and extensible home network. I upgraded the wiring in my condo since we didn’t use a analog phone service. I changed all my phone ports to network ports. This allows me to easily transition back to a phone system in the event we decide to use a local phone service instead of cell phones. Now that all of my phone jacks are network jacks I can add a gigabit hub for fast network access. When I don’t need to transfer large files, 2gb and bellow, I can use my wireless network.

Thanks Coarch for the tip!

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