CuWIN3500 is a Windows CE based Rugged Embedded Controller!

CuWIN3500 is a Windows CE based Rugged Embedded Controller!

Comfile Technology has launched their new Touchscreen PLC/embedded computer based on Windows CE called CuWIN3500.

The CuWIN3500 is based on an ARM9 32bit 266Mhz processor with a 7-inch 800×480 pixel touchscreen display pad.

On top of that, the CuWIN3500 supports up to 2GB of SD cards, 64MB of RAM, 64MB of NAND Flash, 1MB of NOR flash, internal mono speakers, and also an option to hook up your stereo headphones.

The whole thing can be programmed via a .NET framework and you can also use Visual Basic to program.

What does it do?

Well, it’s for industrial developers and hobbyists who want a fast color touchscreen module.  You can hook up motors, sensors, etc…etc…  It’s like a touchscreen version of Arduino or Basic Stamp basically.  Get the idea???

I just got a free sample here so I might do a video review and give it out as a contest but in the meanwhile, this little touchscreen device goes for $599.00.

If there’s enough requests, I will hold a contest for the unit I got in couple weeks.  (Leave a comment if you want one!)


- 7″ wide color TFT display
- 800 x 480 resolutions, 260K colors
- Touch panel
- Having Cover Case (Front Waterproof)
- SD card supports
- Ethernet supports
- RS232 x 2 / RS485 x 1 or RS232 x 3
- Speaker with Audio output
- Real time clock (Battery backup)
- Visual Basic, EVC supports
- USB I/F (active sync)
- Keyboard or Mouse supports
- ARM9 32bit 266MHz processor
- Windows CE 5.0
- Size(WDH) : 220 x 150 x 50mm

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